Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chicago Blaze season begins next Monday! Fundraiser tourney!

ICA Metro VP Mike Cardinale writes:
The first match of the Blaze season is Monday, August 23rd [note corrected date-BB] at 8:00 P.M. vs. the Seattle Sluggers, at the new North Shore Chess Center at 5500 W. Touhy, Suite A, in Skokie (just a few blocks west of their previous location at the Holiday Inn).
[N]ew this year will be a parallel rapid fund raising tournament with every Blaze match.  Here are the details from the website:
We will also be running in parallel to the Blaze matches, a Blaze fundraiser tournament each night the Blaze play. The tournaments will be USCF rated and feature a G/15+30/sec increment time control. The EF will be $20 per player. No chess center membership will be required for these events but all players must be USCF members. Depending on turnout this can be a one section tournament or a two section tournament. 100% of proceeds goes towards the Chicago Blaze.
You can also support the Blaze with a purchase of Blaze merchandise, through corporate sponsorship, or with a personal contribution.  Details at the new website:
Remember, you don't have to like the McCaskeys to be a Bears fan.  Support for the Blaze is a matter of civic pride.
I'm looking forward to seeing the McCaskeys' — oops, Sevan Muradian's — new North Shore Chess Center!

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