Sunday, August 15, 2010

von Scheve - Teichmann, Berlin 1907

I suppose it would be appropriate to answer the question in the previous post: it was awfully hard!

Most beginner's books are full of errors like these--by no means does this mean that Logical Chess: Move By Move is a bad book. As Frederick Rhine noted in the previous comments, it wouldn't be surprising for a GM to make the same mistake.  (Chernev's error on move 8 is crude enough for me to notice without a computer, or for an alert beginner to catch.)

Resignation in a drawn position is fairly rare (I confess that I did it against NM William Aramil in 2001.)

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Frederick Rhine said...

This game really deserves to become the poster child for the proposition that you shouldn't resign unless you're REALLY, REALLY sure that you have no chance of winning or drawing the game. I thumbed through some of the books I have on defense and saw no defense resembling White's amazing resource here. (But I'm about to publish a game of Amos Burn that features the most amazing defensive coup of all time.)