Friday, October 29, 2010

Permalinks for Chicago Blaze coverage

Trevor Magness and mom Cheryl

All on the ICA website!

Andi Rosen's article

Board 1: Gurevich—Bercys

Board 2: Sadorra—Amanov

Commentary on the "good stuff" (two Chicago wins) to follow shortly!  The raw game scores follow:

Board 3: Felecan—Hughes

Board 4: LopezMagness 

Tom Panelas exhibits his hometown bias here.


Daniel Parmet said...

Its Sadorra not Sadona ;)

Second of all, I actually found Bxd1 Nd7 f5 Nxc5 fxe4 live :) as did IM van de Mortel. White isn't still attacking but holding on for dear life. When I showed this to Mesgen, Florin and Dmitry after the game they thought it was easily winning for black.

Bill Brock said...

Certainly a cool move to find in analysis! I suppose it's clear than Nf6+ must be neutralized at any cost...