Friday, February 18, 2011

Chess Party of the Year starts tonight / tomorrow!

You still have a few hours to put together a team for the U.S. Amateur Team North (Crowne Plaza, 2875 N. Milwaukee, Northbrook).  Seriously....there's a split first round: if you can't play tonight at 7 p.m., your team can begin play tomorrow a.m.

Enter here!

Read all about it here!

Andi Rosen tells us that there's a Wisconsin team with GM Friedel on first board and former Wisconsin champion Alex Betaneli on third board!

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GreenCastle said...

Yes and that team has a 1500 from the Wisconsin Chess Academy thrown in to get the team under 2200.
< no likey

The Chicago Industrial League Team (2223, 2219, 2115, 2114) and Young Guns (2296, 2110, 2072, 2041) from Whitney Young are nearly as strong and more balanced.