Monday, November 21, 2011

At least we got one championship yesterday!

("We"?  OK, I'm over 50 and living vicariously.)

NM Sam Schmakel of Whitney Young High School won his third national championship this weekend, the 10th grade section of the K-12 Championships in Dallas, Texas.

These events are not easy for the average 2200 teenager to win: Sam scored 6½-½, including 4½-½ against two fellow NMs and three experts.  The event drew 1,182 players from across the nation, including 48 in the 10th-grade section.

Crosstable here!  And here's the story on USCF's home page (no mention of Sam, but more on the event).

If only the young master could master the art of being in two places at one time.

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