Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eric Rosen gets IM Norm at World Youth!

Eric Rosen drew his last-round game to finish in 9th place with 6/9 (+4 =4 -1) in the World Youth Championships (under-18 section) in Caldas Novas, Brazil. His opponents included two GMs, an IM, and four FMs. His only loss was to top-rated GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan of Armenia, who won the tournament with an undefeated 8-1 score.

Eric started the tournament ranked 27th with a 2305 rating. This apparently gives him his first IM norm, less than 30 days after receiving his FM title! By my calculation, he had a performance rating of 2455. According to the tournament site, he gained 27 rating points, gaining rating points every round except in his one loss. Very impressive. Congratulations, Eric!

Here are his round-by-round results (link here):

1: WIN Vasconcelos, Paulo Cesar Silva (1897) BRA
2: DRAW Zhou, Yang-Fan (IM, 2436) ENG
3: DRAW Grandadam, Nicolas (FM, 2370)
4: WIN Benitez Lozano, Javier (2068) MEX
5: WIN FM Kantans, Toms (FM, 2338) LAT
6: WIN FM Rios Cristhian, Camilo (FM, 2388) COL
7: DRAW Salem, A R Saleh (GM, 2511) UAE
8: LOSS Ter-Sahakyan, Samvel (GM, 2556) ARM
9: DRAW Aghasaryan, Robert (FM, 2331) ARM


Brad Rosen said...

ON CHicago chess blog--- so it's official!

Frederick Rhine said...

I got it from Eric's post on Facebook. I hope it's right. I just looked at the FIDE Handbook. Section 1.48 says that for an IM norm, a player must have at least a 2449.5 performance rating (which is rounded up to 2450).

Adding the numbers up on my calculator, I get a TPR of 2455 for Eric, which would indeed be an IM norm: (2297+2436+2370+2468+2738+2788+2511+2156+2331)/9 = 2455. For some reason, though, the tournament website claims that his TPR was 2447, which would be just shy of the required 2449.5. I hope their number is wrong.

Sevan Muradian said...

Fred - where did you get your ratings from that you used in your calculations? They seem well off kilter.

check out my posting on the USCF forums for my calculations.

Frederick Rhine said...

Sevan, I used the ratings on the tournament website, taking the rating itself for draws, adding 400 for wins, and subtracting 400 for his one loss.

Brad Rosen said...

A senior member of the US delegation advised me that he spoke to the event's Chief Arbiter and was told that Eric's performance does indeed qualify for the IM norm.

Frederick Rhine said...

@Brad Rosen - That's great! Congrats again to Eric!