Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grandmasters blunder, too

Here's a position from today's play.

It's White to move in Stripunsky-Onischuk.  Find White's worst move: White made it, then immediately realized his hallucination and resigned.

White to play: What's the worst move?
 The worst move is also a very natural move to make....


Ch1cag0Rob said...

d3...really? Yipes.

Frederick Rhine said...

d3 is a mighty bad move, dropping a bishop and a pawn (1.d3 Qxc1+ 2.Qd1 Bb4+ 3.Ke2! Qxb2 4.Nd2), but the various queen hangs (Qg4, Qxh5, Qe3, Qb5, Qa6) are much worse. The rook-hang Rxh5 is about equally bad.