Friday, May 11, 2012

How cool is this?

Above is the front cover of Archie Comics #112, dated August 1960 (the month I was born). It shows Archie studying a chess position! I just bought what appears to be the only copy available for sale on the Internet for the princely sum of $8.35, including shipping. Thank you, Bill and Jerry Wall, the publishers of White Knight Review! I learned of the comic from an article in the May/June issue of White Knight Review, a chess magazine that is available for free on the Internet here. It's a good read - check it out!

UPDATE: Here's an interesting article by Kerry Lawless (with a surname like that, let's hope he's never a criminal defendant), "Chess In Comic Books." There's no shortage of chess-themed comic book covers, it seems.


Bill Brock said...

It's about as cool as "Sugar Sugar."

Frederick Rhine said...

Hey, "Sugar Sugar" is listed at No. 63 on Billboard's Greatest Songs of All Time.,_Sugar That song was very confusing to me. As you know, it was a huge hit, and was performed by the Archies, who were a cartoon band on TV. I couldn't understand how cartoon characters could sing a song.