Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Chicago's Ron Washington, 1951-2012"

Daaim Shabazz remembers Ron (click to read) .

Ron in 2007; swiped from The Knights of Castle Kimbark


Anonymous said...

I go back over 30 years when I met Ron Washington. There was a KFC restaurant on rush st. back in the 70s where I often ate but I could not help but notice a huge room above Walgreens that always stayed lit at night and I wondered what was going on in that place. One day around noon I had the courage to go upstairs. That is when I saw people playing chess and backgammon and that is when I got to meet Ron who was owner of the club. Even though I played chess I was not good at it, but was good at backgammon and Ron was my apponent in many tournaments. I remember meeting Ron on the street when he was driving cab and he gave me a free ride and we talked and talked about the good old days. I just want to say that Ron was a kind true friend and I will never ever forget him for as long as I live. Sometimes we really don't appreciate people until something happens to them and sometimes we never miss a friend until we lose one.


Tom Panelas said...

I just learned of Ron's death the other day. This is extremely sad. I liked Ron very much and always enjoyed his energetic company. The North Avenue Chess Pavilion will never be the same.