Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Svetozar Gligorić 1923-2012

Gligorić-Fischer, Portoroz 1958
Svetozar Gligorić, the greatest chess player in Serbian and Yugoslav history, died today at the age of 89, having lived an amazing life: resistance fighter, journalist, author, polyglot, amateur musician and songwriter, opening theorist, World Championship Candidate, and one of Bobby Fischer's lifelong friends.  Story at The Week in Chess: check out Wikipedia and ChessVibes for more.

Of the participants in the great Zurich 1953.Candidates tournament, we still have Averbakh and Taimanov.


parinda27 said...

the sad days for living chess players local and internationally roll on. on an up note i have svetozar's book. . i play against the pieces . .wonderful little tome . . .i may take up the rio de janeiro variation of the king's indian defence in his honor. rip mr gligoric your work here is done. your games were and are a great artistic monument to the game

parinda27 said...

correction. . not the rio de janiero variation but the mar del plata variation. ..thank god i check my facts. .can you tell i don't play the king's indian? lol