Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thirty Days

Imagine yourself playing chess in an attractive and comfortable gathering place, surrounded by players of all ages and backgrounds, knowing that you're part of a community and a larger scene. One of the things you love about it is that there's a rated tournament going on whenever you're in the mood, on weekday evenings as well as on weekends, including events for beginners and players new to tournament chess. Another is that, whatever your strength, there's a class you can take that will help you reach the next level. And it's not in New York, San Francisco or St. Louis, but right here at home in Chicago.

You can donate now to the Chicago Chess Center, because you'll be giving to support the creation of a new civic and educational institution.


Your donation will help the Chicago Chess Center secure a site, open its doors, and begin holding classes and tournaments starting this coming May. To make this happen, we're starting a 30-day fundraising campaign to raise $30,000 by Jan. 18, 2013. We're ready to fulfill our promise to you, and we need your support right now:

  • Make your tax-deductible donation now for 2012, or send us an e-mail and pledge the amount you'll give after the new year in 2013.

  • If you've already donated -- and even if you haven't yet -- share our message with family and friends, along with other chess enthusiasts, curious beginners, and anyone who supports education or civic improvement causes.

  • We've announced our membership rates and benefits! Have you thought of giving a Chicago Chess Center membership as a gift? Whether you join as a member yourself or buy a membership for a friend or family member, all memberships purchased before we open our doors will include free entry to up to three tournaments.

    In addition, whether you buy a regular membership or donate $250 or more and join our Founders' Court, you'll receive discounts on classes, lectures and tournament entry fees; eligibility to compete in the annual Chicago Chess Center championship tournament; free admission during open play hours; and wireless Internet access on-site.

Thank you for your interest and your support. As always, please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have.

P.S. Thirty thousand dollars in 30 days . . . that's $1,000 a day! We can do this with your help. Please give now and show that after 22 years without one, Chicago is ready to support a centrally located metropolitan chess club again. And please spread the word to everyone you know.

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