Tuesday, February 12, 2013

YCFC at Northside Prep this Saturday!

Rumor has it that Northside Prep isn't easy to get into.  But follow the instructions below, and your scholastic team shouldn't have any problem this coming Saturday!

February 16th Tournament at Northside
Northside College Preparatory High School
5501 N. Kedzie (3200 West), just south of Bryn Mawr
Schedule:  Registration   9:00 - 9:30
                  Tournament  10:00 - 3:00
                  Trophy Presentation  3:15 (est.)
   All players must check-in at the tournament site by 9:30!
   Late arrivals will not be paired in the first round.
5 Sections:  Novice K-2, Novice 3-4, Novice 5-6, Novice 7-8, Advanced
   Unrated, no entry fee 
   Swiss-style, 5 rounds (est.), USCF standard tiebreaks
   G/20 + 3 sec. increment in Advanced section when clocks are available
   Notation required in the Advanced section
Awards:  Individual trophies to the top 7 in all novice sections,
               and to the top 6 in the advanced section.  Team trophies
               to the top two teams in all novice sections, and to the 
               top team in the advanced section.  Team score calculated
               by top four scores in novice sections, top three scores
               in advanced.
Entries:  YCFC uses a roster system for tournament entries.
              All players on submitted rosters are eligible to play in
              any YCFC tournament during the scholastic year.
              Submit rosters, including name, grade, school and
              section to accounting@apartmentpeople.com, or by
              fax to 773-248-1007, attn: Mike Cardinale, no later than
              Thursday, February 14th.
              All players must check in on site by 9:30.
Coaches:  Please let me know if you plan on attending with
                a rough estimate of the number of players by
                Thursday, February 14th.
Thanks to Dan Caldwell for welcoming us back to Northside, with
able assistance from Mike and Lydia Bologna and the Northside
Mustangs chess team!

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