Saturday, July 24, 2010

letter from Kayseri

Sevan Muradian is an arbiter for the 2010 World School Individual Championships in Kayseri, Turkey.  He sent his impressions to Chessdom.

Edit: check out the cool venue!

Has anyone here used sports arenas for events with (say) 300 participants?  I'm thinking these might paradoxically be easier to get than hotels....  More pix at ChessBase.


Bill Brock said...

Link fixed! (Turkish pizza may be good, but it isn't THAT good.)

Sevan Muradian said...

Yes it is. You didn't grow up on it, I did. Hence why it's more important to me. It's a point of view thing especially when there aren't really places in our area that makes it fresh.

Bill Brock said...

Read: it isn't good enough to link to it twice (instead of your article).