Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yang-Rosen, round 9, U.S. Junior Invitational

Eric Rosen had a USCF performance rating above 2450 (and a FIDE performance rating above 2400): one local master told me this weekend that in his opinion, Eric has distinguished himself from the other top juniors in Illinois. (OK, other top juniors: time to rise to the challenge!) 

The quality of Eric's play was as impressive as his results. For example, this final round game reminded me of Rosen-Robson in the first round: both players played interesting, aggressive chess, both players played well enough to win, and a draw was a fair sporting result.

Like Rosen-Robson, the game was important to the tournament standings. Had Yang managed to win this last-round game, he would have tied for first with Robson, Sam Shankland, and Parker Zhao. 

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