Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A problem for the morning

So what would you do if you were given two consecutive moves?

White makes two consecutive moves in this position
The first move cannot be a check
The second move must be checkmate

If you're stumped, be concerned: the problem is from a beginner's book!

Answer in this review.  (Permalink not available yet.)


Anonymous said...

There is only one diagonal which white does not control and that is what makes it relatively easy.

Frederick Rhine said...

Beginner's book, huh? 1.Qa1!! and 2.Qh1# does the trick, but it took me about five minutes to see it.

Frederick Rhine said...

No wonder I had such a hard time - it's for children aged 7 to 13, and I'm way older than that! (I am somewhat heartened by Dan Heisman's observation that he showed it to three players rated 1900-2200, none of whom solved it within the first few minutes.)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Its an age thing, we are just not that fast anymore. Just means we have to practice more. Give us one every morning :)