Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stolen from Facebook

But hey, Aaron Sorkin suggests that Facebook was stolen....

Daniel Parmet writes:
The Chicago Blaze takes on St. Louis tonight live at 7pm! Board 1 Features GM Hikaru Nakamura vs GM Dmitry Gurevich. Board 2 has returning Olympiad making his Blaze Debut GM Mesgen Amanov against GM Ben Finegold (who has had the unfortunate pleasure of 6 out of 7 blacks this season!). Board 3 sees Kansas City IM Michael Brooks playing... against Chicago's own Flying Florin Felecan. Board 4 sees a rematch with colors reversed of WIM Cindy Tsai against Spencer Finegold (Cindy won the previous encounter as black see NM Jeremy Kane's excellent analysis of the game here:

The last match against St.Louis ended in a draw as St.Louis' 3GM lineup was held to a 2-2 score. But since then, the Chicago Blaze has caught FIRE! We are currently leading the standings for West Division and hope to remain there when the fire settles tonight! GO BLAZE!!!!

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