Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daniel Wright Jr. High (Lincolnshire) at K-8 Nationals

Congratulations to Alex Bian, Conrad Oberhaus, Zachary Holecek, and Victoria Bian, who led Daniel Wright Jr. High to 2nd place in K-8 nationals.

First place was (of course?) New York's I.S. 318 team.  Now that Elizabeth Vicary is engaged and maddeningly succesful, we do not find her quite so charming ;-)

Hat tip to David Holecek.

1 NYI318 I.S. 318, Brooklyn,NY (25)           23.5 92.5 126.5 205.0 97.0 
             BLACK, James A, Jr (6.5,2156)     
             FENG, Danny (6.0,1993)            
             KIM, David (5.5,1777)             
             WILLIAMS, Rashawn J (5.5,1778)    
  2 ILDWJH Daiel Wright JHS, Lincolnshire, (5)  19.5 70.0  98.0 139.0 77.0 
             BIAN, Alex (5.5,1839)             
             OBERHAUS, Conrad (5.0,1888)       
             HOLECEK, Zachary (4.5,1907)       
             BIAN, Victoria (4.5,1516)    


Elizabeth Vicary said...

:) thank you. I will try harder to charm more.

Anonymous said...

Good Job there in NY!
Hope our 5th and 6th graders will have a much leveled ground for supernational!