Thursday, April 21, 2011

William Penn and Mesgen Amanov

Center City Philadelphia is a wonderful place to visit: lots to see and do, many great placed to eat. Walking is a pleasure!

Chicagoland organizers, please give some thought to your out-of-town guests when planning weekend events!


Anonymous said...

So what's your vote for the best location in Chicagoland for out-of-towners to step outside for a while between rounds/days of play?

The Loop is actually not that ideal. Except for the Art Institute and Millennium Park, downtown tends to shut down on weekends.

Bill Brock said...

Philadelphia on Easter weekend isn't hopping, either. :-)

I'm agnostic on the "best site" question. The ideal best site would have 25,000 SF of event space in the West Loop (so locals could take METRA). But the Palmer House is a pleasant 15-minute stroll from Union & Northwestern Stations.

Kasparov Chess Foundation has used the Palmer House, the Mart Holiday Inn, and (in conjunction with Renaissance Knights) & the DoubleTree in River North. Palmer House and Hilton were commonly used for IL events in the 70s and 80s.

For major events like the US Open, the out-of-towners will be staying 5-9 days.