Saturday, March 31, 2012

Youth Invitationals: Third Round

Third Round Pairings:

Denker Qualifier

Kogen v. Dubin 1-0
Qazi v. Meduri   0-1
Moskwa v. Schmakel 1/2-1/2

Girls' Invitational

Padgett v. Liu  1/2-1/2
Xu v. Provine  1/2-1/2
Mangalam v. Harihara 0-1

Barber Qualifier

Kalgahtgi v. Li    0-1
Lehmann v. Adve  0-1
Do v.  Bronfeyn     0-1
Gilchrist v. Parker-Turner  0-1
Sun v. Xiao  1-0
Heil v. Hrach  0-1.

4:05 PM:  The third  round is underway.  Moskwa is playing the English Attack against Schmakel's Najdorf.  Kogen's playing the Advance against Dubin's French.  Qazi playing the Grand Prix Attack against Meduri's Sicilian.

4:10 PM:  Padgett and Liu have a Queen's Gambit Declined.  Xu played the Tarrasch against Provine's French and Black played the line with ...Qxd5.   Mangalam played the Ruy Lopez and Harihara played a line with ...Bc5.

4:15 PM:  Li is playing the Pirc against Kalgahtgi and Lehmann is playing a Ruy Lopez with an early d3.

4:15 PM:  Bronfeyn played Alekhine's Defense. Gilchrist and Turner have your miscellaneous 1.d4 opening going.  Sun is playing a Quiet Italian Game and Heil is playing the Botvinnik Variation in the English Opening.

4:25 PM:  Kalgahtgi is going for the gusto against Li's Pirc.  Sixteen moves in and he has pawns on d4, e5, f5, and g4.

4:50 PM:  Liu is up a piece on Padgett.  Dubin played ...f5 and Kogen is trying to pry things open with g4.

4:55 PM:  Li repulsed Kalgahtgi's attack and exploited his over extended attack to win the game for the first result of round three.

5:00 PM:  Moskwa is advancing his pawns on the kingside and his minor pieces on the queenside.  He is either controlling both sides of the board or over extending on both sides.

5:05 PM:  Kogen is building up an attack on the kingside.  Sun has gone ahead by an exchange against Xiao.

5:15 PM:  Now it's Kogen's turn to sacrifice a piece.  Does he know that Dubin is in the habit of knocking off one 2100 player each time he plays in the Denker Qualifier?  In 2009 it was Trevor Magness and Matt Wilber in 2010.  Moskwa has gotten Schmakel to use forty more minutes on the clock.

5:25 PM:  Lehman and Adve have an interesting endgame going.  White has pawns on a2,b3,c4,d3,e4,f5 and h3.  Black has pawns on a4,b5,c7,d4,e5,f6 and g5.  Black has two knights and White has a knight and a bishop.  Unfortunately it's a light squared bishop and every one of Black's pieces and pawns are on dark squares.

5:25 PM:  Bronfeyn has gone up a piece against Do.

5:35 PM:  Mangalam is down a piece against Harihara.

5:45 PM:  No 2100 scalp for Dubin this year as he goes down to Kogen.  Adve exploits Lehmann's bad bishop for the win.  Harihara defeats Mangalam.

5:50 PM:  Meduri is up a pawn on Qazi, but the position is fluid.

6:05 PM:  Meduri has picked up a second pawn on Qazi and the postion is settling down. 

6:10 PM:  Moskwa has a knight stuck on a5 that Schmakel is trying to win.  Sun defeats Xiao.

6:15 PM:  Moskwa has finally managed to protect his knight with b4.

6:20 PM:  Bronfeyn defeats Do.

6:25 PM:  Schmakel is down to ten minutes on his clock against fifty for Moskwa.  The knight on a5 is no longer loose, but Schmakel may be looking to weaken White's pawn structure by trading his bishop which would force Moskwa into his second queen and pawn ending in the tournament.

6:35 PM:  Padgett and Liu draw.

6:40 PM:  Provine has two bishops against Xu's bishop and knight.  Pawns are even.

6:45 PM:  Material is still even between Hrach and Heil but there is still a lot of it on the board.  Hrach is under ten minutes and Heil is over thirty.

6:50 PM:  It's a queen ending for Moskwa and Schmakel.  Both players have six pawns.  No passers yet.  Six minutes for Schmakel.  Thirty-nine for Moskwa.

7:10 PM:  Schmakel and Moskwa agree to a draw.  Qazi is down a pawn in a rook and pawn ending.  I think that Meduri is still winning, but I suck at rook and pawn endings.  Turner beat Gilchrist.

7:35 PM:  Xu and Provine agree to a draw.  Hrach has two minor pieces against a rook.

7:55 PM:  Hrach defeats Heil.

8:05 PM:  Meduri defeats Qazi.

9:35 PM:  Have posted two Denker games, one Girl's Invitational game, and three Barber games from the third round.  I don't know how much more I will get done tonight as I am very sleepy.

7:35 AM:  All the games I have are posted.  

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