Thursday, March 29, 2012

Youth Invitationals this Weekend

Three different invitational tournaments will be held Friday through Sunday at the North Shore Chess Center.   The Denker Qualifier and the Barber Qualifier will determine the Illinois representatives at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions and the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions both of which will be held during the U.S. Open in Vancouver Washington in August.  The winner of each qualifier receive a travel stipend to attend the national tournaments.   There is also Girl's Invitational whose winner will receive a travel stipend to a designated national event.

Participants in the Denker Qualifier will be Sam Schmakel, Jonathan Kogen, Aakaash Meduri, Robert Moskwa, Josh Dubin, and Rafeh Qazi. The Girls Invitational will feature Yue (Penny) Xu, Adele Padgett,  Shayna Provine, Caeley Harihara, Miranda Liu, and Shreya Mangalam. George Li, Abe Sun, Anshul Adve, Spencer Lehmann, Jack Xiao, Vincent Do, Phillip Parker Turner, Daniel Bronfeyn, Samuel Heil, Jonathan Hrach, Ian Gilchrist, Haoyang Yu will be playing in the Barber Qualifier.

I will be attending the events and blogging about it here.


Bill Brock said...

Cool: PGN, please!

Keith Ammann said...

Go Vincent!

Harold Dondis said...

To all bloggers: Thanks for the many good wishes sent to me. I am slowly recovering from a fractured collar bone and hope to walk again with my canes, especially to play in a tournament game, which would be a major therapy for me. Chris Chase is of course helping me. Meanwhile I follow the Club with interest. HBD PS Regards to Ken Ko who I had not heard from for some time. HBD

Bill Brock said...

Heal quickly, Harold!