Sunday, December 30, 2012

University of Illinois ties for first in Pan-Am Intercollegiate

Results are in from this weekend's Pan-Am, hosted by Princeton University.  The University of Illinois finished in a five-way tie for first place with four teams that offer full chess scholarships.  Illinois drew Cornell and the University of Chicago, and won its other four matches. Crosstable is here.Congratulations to the Illini!

 The team includes three names long familiar to Chicago chess players, Eric Rosen, Aakaash Meduri, and Michael Auger. The Illini's fourth board, Xin Luo, scored a spectacular 6-0.

Look for story on Chess Life Online shortly. In the meantime, here's a game from U of I's last-round win over Columbia University, which proves once again that queen endings are too hard for mere human beings:


Frederick Rhine said...

Incredible performance! Illinois had an average rating of 2156, and tied for first with four teams with ratings of 2691, 2597, 2545, and 2512! That's the team equivalent of Alan Trefler (2075) tying for first with Pal Benko (2504) in the 1975 World Open.

Frederick Rhine said...

Little-known fact: my namesake Fred Flintstone took a night class in accounting at Prinstone University.