Monday, February 18, 2013

The Illini Schmakelers win U.S. Amateur Team North

Congratulations to The Illini Schmakelers (in board order: FM Eric Rosen, NM Sam Schmakel, Michael Auger, and Akshay Indusekar), who won the 2013 U.S. Amateur Team North title this past weekend in Schaumburg with a team score of 4½-½ and 16 game points out of a possible 20.

Taking second on tiebreaks was another local team, Touch Move Chess Center: Mating Specialists (IM Angelo Young, FM Albert Chow, Florentino Inumerable, and Robert Loncarevic), who scored 4½ match points and 14 game points.

Many heavy hitters came to this amateur event. The average team ratings must be under 2200, but one can allocate power between boards in any fashion one pleases. This year, the balanced strategy did well.

Inscrutably, the best team name was awarded to "We Always Need a 4th," which is neither amusing nor groanworthy.

Final team standings are here; look for the ratings and individual performances soon.  Update: here are the individual performances on MSA.


Vince Hart said...

Four out of five of the participants in next weekend's Denker Qualifier warmed up at the U.S. Amateur Team. Sam Schmakel and Robert Moskwa both went 4-1 and will go into the Qualifier rated 2288 and 2101 respectively. After going 3-1, Gavin McClanahan will go in at 2069 and Max Zinski will go in at 2038. Jonathan Kogen went 2-3 and will go in at 2216. 1993 Nate Kranjc did not play this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like the name "Manti Te’o's Imaginery Chess Team". If only they spelled it correctly.

Vince Hart said...

Actually, that should have been five out of six participants from the Denker Qualifier played USAT.

Personally, I thought that it was an off year for team names. I thought that most of the groan-eliciting came off as forced. I think that "We Always Need a 4th" won by default more than anything else as it was a very relatable sentiment.

Bill Brock said...

"I like the name "Manti Te’o's Imaginery Chess Team". If only they spelled it correctly."

Perhaps the team members were from Notre Dame?

--Loyola Chicago alum

Anonymous said...

And to think that "Manti Te'o's Imaginary Mate" was right there for the using.

Bill Brock said...

I can recall one team name that fell a single letter short of perfection: "Searching for Bobbitt's Pisher."

Folks who were not around twenty years ago really don't want to know....

Frederick Rhine said...

His name was Bobbitt, John Wayne

In bed his wife found him a pain

In a fit of malice

She cut off his phallus

And left it to rot in the rain.

(Composed by me at the time; poetic license taken with the facts).

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the team members were from Notre Dame?"