Monday, March 4, 2013

60 players at Saturday's Evanston Tri-Level

Well, it is the best chess deal in the country.

On Saturday, NM Ken Wallach won the Gold section of the March 2013 Tri-Level 3½-½, ahead of NM Greg Bungo, Vytas Vitkauskas, and Eric Paniagua, all on 3-1.  Guest master NM Frederick Rhine (don't believe the rating: that's a USCF error) had a winning position against Jiri Kabelac in Round 2, but blundered in time pressure and lost. Rhine was lucky to salvage a draw in the last round against Paniagua, who had an impressive tournament, drawing both masters and beating his other two opponents.

Rahul Dhiman won the Silver section 4-0, ahead of Seth Kushinsky, Xander Nicolson, and Edward Zhang with 3 points.

Conrad Zborowski won the Bronze section 4-0; Clifford Adams, Mariel Rancel, Nicholas Johnson, and Matthew De Mario all tied for second with 3-1.

Crosstable here.

Maret Thorpe organized and directed for Evanston Chess.

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Maret Thorpe said...

RE: Fred Rhine's new rating...I have an email in to the USCF about it; all the evidence they need is right there on his record, so I imagine it will be resolved. Hat tip to Fred for taking the plunge and playing his first regular-rated event in this millenium.