Sunday, March 3, 2013

The difficult opponent

Tal had a massive negative score against Korchnoi, Fischer lost several famous games to Geller, and the late Morris Giles had a miserable score against Marvin Dandridge. Marvin found three of the four games that he remembers having played against Morris, all wins; the fourth was an uneventful draw.

This game in from the final round of the 1984 edition Fred Gruenberg's Put the Fun Back into Chess, which Dandridge won ahead of GMs Bisguier and Gurevich, as well as Colias, Martinovsky, DeFotis, and several other strong masters.  You'll find the crosstable in the February 1985 Illinois Chess Bulletin

Although Morris lost this game, it's a nice example of his attacking style. Marvin rarely went looking for tactics, but had (and has!) an excellent sense of danger and (like Korchnoi) is a strong counterpuncher. Both players were several years away from their peak strength.

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