Thursday, September 13, 2012

Endgame Practice (Chess Homeschool, Day 3)

Here's something to keep you kids occupied while the CPS teachers strike continues. And adults too! offers you the opportunity to hone your endgame skills, playing against the Crafty engine on a wide variety of positions, ranging from elementary (king and queen versus king) to very difficult (king and queen against king and rook, an ending that even grandmasters have failed to win within 50 moves). Click here and get to work!

 Got to go now - must make sure I can mate with bishop and knight against lone king within 50 moves. Don't want to embarrass myself like GM Epishin! They also have an instructional video on that one.

P.S. It seems that I have mad skillz (that's what the kids, er kidz, say nowadays, isn't it?) with bishop and knight. I mated in 31 moves! Queen against rook, alas, would surely be a different story.

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