Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ESPN on cheating in chess

It would be pedantic of me to note that the article is illustrated by an illegal position (both kings are in check), so I won't mention it.

Great story, with a few familiar names cited. Hat tip to Ken Marshall.


Frederick Rhine said...

It's too bad we don't know for sure whether Smiley or his agent had managed to hack eNotate to allow Fritz to run simultaneously, or was simply running just Fritz. More likely the latter, I guess, though I certainly have no relevant technical expertise on the matter. Pretty damned brazen, though. I'm surprised it took so long to catch him. I certainly would have wondered about his meteoric rise, particularly since it sounds like he spent a lot of time messing with his computer during his games. He could easily have been caught by someone who didn't suspect him of cheating - say, an opponent who was curious about eNotate and asked to see the device, or wanted help reconstructing his scoresheet.

Sevan Muradian said...

He was simply running Pocket Fritz....

Anonymous said...

Why allow electronics at all? Remember the incidents with the headsets and earphones?
(This Still exists)
Why is this still tolerated by the USCF?
Money? , So as to not alienate a few? , More friendly atmosphere?.

Why would anyone pay a big entry fee plus expenses and have to deal with this?

Bill Brock said...

I am a fan of devices that allow games to be broadcast. But if they're supplied by the player and not the organizer, I don't know how you stop hacking.