Friday, September 14, 2012

Teacher Overslept! (Chess Homeschool, Day 4)

No particular theme today. Number 22 is relatively difficult.
11) White to play

12) Black to play

13) White to play

14) White to play

15) Black to play

16) White to play

17) Black to play

18) White to play

19) Black to play

20) White to play

21) White to play

22) White to play

23) Black to play

24) White to play


Frederick Rhine said...

A lot of old friends here, and some new ones. But I don't think 18 really has a solution. 1.Bb5+! is doubtless strong, and tempts Black to play 1...c6?, when 2.dxc6! Bxd1? 3.cxb7+! wins, e.g. 3...Ke7 4.Nd5+ Ke6 5.f5#. But 1...Ke7! 2.Qxf3 exf4 keeps Black alive.

Bill Brock said...

Hmm, you have a point!