Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hinsdale Central, Whitney Young, Niles North lead IHSA Championships

The Illinois High School Association team championships are going on right now in Peoria!

Standings are here: two more rounds to go today!  We should have final results by 6 p.m. or so.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Durn whippersnappers

IM Florin Felecan, the overwhelming favorite in last weekend's 1st North American Amateur Open at Skokie's North Shore Chess Center, tied with teenagers Sam Schmakel (9th grade) and Gavin McClanahan (8th grade) for first: each scored 4-1. 

What goes around comes around: not that many years ago, 2009 State Co-Champion Felecan (a veteran of the 1999 Kasparov vs. the World match) was once a young teenager destroying adults....

Schmakel (who almost beat me in the Illinois Open when he was eight years old!) upset IM Felecan and NM Jon Burgess in the final two rounds and is now on the cusp of 2100. 

Considering the blizzard and the minimum USCF rating requirement of 1600, a field of 23 was an excellent turnout!

USCF crosstable here.

The event has already been rated by FIDE: results are here.  (Note that games involving non-FIDE rated players may not always be rated.)

Living legend NM Bernard Parham, Sr.travelled to Skokie: that's an honor!

Sevan Muradian directed for the North American Chess Association.

List of top players by affiliate (do-it-yourself club ladder!)

Mike Nolan just added a cool feature to the USCF affiliates search in MSA (for the uninitiated, that's the "Member Services Area" of the United States Chess Federation).  If you go to the MSA homepage, then click on "Look up a club or affiliate," then type in your local club's name, then choose "Active Player List" from the search, you'll get a list of the top 200 players who have played at least two USCF-rated events at your affiliate in the past two years.

Very cool: please thank Mike Nolan!

Here are a few links to Chicagoland organizations and friendly carpetbaggers.  Some of the lists look a little strange because of the requirement that one must have played in TWO events before appearing on the list.  The ICA doesn't even have a listing because it bids virtually all of its events out, and the winning bidders submit under their affiliate listing:  So if you see an affiliate with only one member on the list, don't be put out: it may just be an artifact of the tight search requirements.

St. Charles Chess Club

North American Chess Association

Chess for Life 

Chess-Ed CC

Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation

Evanston Chess

Highland Park CC

Continental Chess Association (the largest US organizer; Illinois juniors Rosen and Jayakumar make the top 200!)

Midwestern Chess Adventures

Midway Chess Club

Joliet Junior College CC

Chess Education Partners

Dynamic Chess, Inc.

Touch Move Chess Center

McHenry Area Chess

Knights of the Forest CC

International Educational and Cultural Services

Downers Grove CC

Park Forest CC

South Suburban Chess Club-Oak Lawn

Village of Park Forest

Tri-County Chessmen Club

I'm happy to correct any errors & omissions.  If I left out an affiliate between 600xx through 608xx, please let me know!

180 in Greater Chicago Scholastic Championships!

Not bad for the weekend after a blizzard!

The final standings, day one photos, and day two photos are on the Renaissance Knights website.

The event was presented by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and Renaissance Knights.

IM Florin Felecan simul

Another cut-and-paste from email!

Simul by International Master Florin Felecan!

On Saturday Feb 12 at 4pm, International Master Florin Felecan will perform a simultaneous exhibition at the North Shore Chess Center
The simul is free to all members of the North Shore Chess Center.
Non-members can participate for $10 or can join as a member up to the time of the simul. If you enjoyed the simul, we will credit the non-member participation fee to your full year chess center membership. We do a simul or lecture each month that is free to members!
This is out second free event for members of the chess center. Last month IM Felecan took on over a dozen players over the course of a 4-hour simul!
These events are one of the many benefits you can enjoy by being a member of the North Shore Chess Center.
We will shortly announce our very special guest for the month of March who will provide us with an in-depth lecture on their recent international chess experience that has garnered worldwide attention.
For a list of complete events visit our website at