Friday, July 1, 2011

World Open: A cute mate

Eric Rosen drew GM Ray Robson in Round One last night.  Alexander Shabalov broke down Eric's Sicilian in Round Two, however:

You can follow top board action at Mesgen Amanov is playing an interesting double-rook ending right now.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Not Chicago?

Look for the text of the following proposal on the Illinois Chess Association's website shortly!


A proposal to set up a program of free chess
instruction in Chicago’s Title I schools to

* improve decision-making, strategic
thinking and emotional development

* improve academic performance

* bring Chicago’s youth chess program
into the nation’s top competitive tier


Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Jean-Claude Brizard
CEO, Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Board of Education:

David Vitale, President
Henry Bienen
Mahalia Hines
Penny Pritzker
Jesse Ruiz
Rod Sierra
Andrea Zopp

June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

computer cheating (in quite another sense)

Via ChessVibes: The International Computer Games Association claims that Vasik Rajlich lifted the code of Crafty and Fruit.

The claim is not a new one (it's been discussed on for some time), but ICGA bans Rajlich for life and strips Rybka of the 2007-2010 titles. (I hope Rybka takes the news well.)

What works in Brooklyn....

If it can work in Bedford-Stuyvesant, it will work in Chicago.

James Black of I.S. 318 has one half-brother doing 20 to life for murder; another did 33 months for selling drugs.   But James is choosing another path: Dylan Loeb McClain reports.

Nice budget quad in Kenosha

Hey, if it's at the end of my commuter line, it's sorta in Chicagoland.  I have to confess that the Kenosha Chess Association is new to me.  They have a quad on Saturday, July 1st.  (As you might guess, there are four players in a quad.  The top four players are in Quad 1, the next four in Quad 2, etc.  Each section is a three-round round robin.)  Advance entry fee is only $10, and the winner even gets a prize!

Info on the ICA website!

Choose one of two great tournaments this weekend!

On July 1-4 in Rosemont, it's the 2011 FIDE Continental America's Amateur Chess Championship. There's only one game on July 4th, so you'll have time to recover for work on Tuesday morning! And this event has a $15,000 guaranteed prize fund!!

I'll be playing in the All American Double Class on July 2-3 at the DoubleTree in Oak Brook. One IM and six masters have already registered. The schedule is a bit unusual in that play doesn't begin until Saturday afternoon, and Round 3 is 9:45 Sunday morning. (If you're not staying at the hotel, you may wish to consider asking for a ½-point bye at registration.). This tournament has a $12,000 based on 250 players; approximately $7,000 of the prize fund is guaranteed! (At least that's the way I read it; please correct me if I'm wrong.)

For info on these and other upcoming events (including summer camps, lectures, simuls, and classes), check out the ICA Tournament Calendar!

The fifteen-minute solution

I'm not terribly interested in a quarrel between New in Chess and ChessBase, but the idea of a fifteen-minute broadcast delay to make cheating more difficult is interesting.

This doesn't just affect grandmasters.  I'm half a class below master level, and I've had four of my games broadcast live on Monroi in the past three months.  On balance, I'm against the delay: the overwhelming majority of players wouldn't dream of cheating.